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Age Calculator Online From Date of Birth

This is an online based calculator tool where you can calculate your age in year, month and day format. It is a very useful and simple tool for calculating ages online. The design of this tool is very simple and user-friendly.

This tool is suitable for all kinds of devices like laptop, desktop, mobile, table etc. Accuracy and the speed of this calculator is very good. You can rely on the result of this tool.

Used in the Age Calculator Online From Date of Birth

This is a very simple tool from a user perspective and languages used in this tool are very common for user understandability. In this tool, we have used some abbreviations such as:

  • DD = Date (Enter date in 2 digits)
  • MM = Month (Enter Month in 2 digits)
  • YYYY = Year (Enter Year in 4 digits)

How to Used in the Age Calculator Online From Date of Birth?

You can calculate your age online by using this tool by providing your date of birth details and the date you want to calculate for it. Here are some basic steps through which you can calculate age:

  1. First of all open this link >>
  2. After opening the above link, you will see a calculator as shown above.
  3. In the date of birth field enter your date of birth in the DD, MM, and YYYY format.
  4. Next enter the particular date as on you want to calculate for it in the specified field. (DD, MM and YYYY format).
  5. Finally click on the ‘Calculate’ button to calculate your age in the year, month, and day format.
  6. You can check your result in the answer section at the top of the calculator.
  7. You can reset the Age Calculator tool by clicking on the reset button on the left side of the Calculate button.

Age Calculator by Date of Birth

You can easily calculate your age in year(s), moth(s) and day(s) format by date of birth. Just enter your date of birth and age as on in the specified field in the DD, MM and YYYY formats. You will get your age in the above result box.

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